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Dumb thief steals two people’s wallets before dropping his own at the scene

By Mason White 5:03 PM April 4, 2016
Devonte Lavoris Pace 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A dumb thief was arrested after getting away with two stolen wallets while accidentally leaving his own at the scene of the crime.

Police in Florida, said that the man who is accused of robbing two men of their wallets, allegedly dropped his own wallet while fleeing the scene.

28-year-old Devonte Lavoris Pace was arrested on charges of principal to armed robbery and grand theft.

Panama City police said that Pace was one of three men who were involved in an armed robbery outside the Watershed Bar located at 1118 Bayview Avenue.

The trio walked over to two men who were sitting in a car, and pulled a gun on the victims.

The men demanded that the victims turn over their wallets. They made off with about $600 in cash. The thieves then fled on foot, according to police.

However, while fleeing, Pace dropped his own wallet, which contained his Florida identification card. He was also seen on surveillance video, police said.

Pace was arrested and police are still looking for his accomplices.