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Flight attendant helps female lawyer find a date on Air New Zealand flight

By Mason White 5:10 PM April 4, 2016
Bianca Saldanha 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman from New Zealand, went home with a smile on her face after a flight attendant helped her find love during a flight.

Bianca Saldanha, who is a successful lawyer, and her friends were flying home from Queenstown to Auckland, during an all girls trip.

However, Saldanha was seated away from her friends on the Air New Zealand flight. She told her friends that she will probably sit next to couples or babies.

Saldanha joked to her friends and said that it is a shame that there is no in-flight Tinder, to see who else is single on the flight.

Her friends decided to play a prank on her. They had a male flight attendant named Andy, flirt with her.

He then took the airplane’s loudspeaker and said that Saldanha is available for a date. “Bianca is a beautiful woman and successful lawyer living in Auckland. If anyone is single and interested, she is wearing pink and sitting in 5C.”

Andy invited Saldanha to hand out sweets so that single passengers can check her out. She handed out lollipops to passengers.

People were heard laughing while taking selfies with Saldanha. Her friends located a man from the United States on the flight, and they thought he would be good for Saldanha.

They asked the man if he would extend his vacation so he can date Saldanha, but he said that he has to get back to Los Angeles, California.

Saldanha said that she sent the man a Facebook friends request, and he accepted. She said that even if things don’t go anywhere with him, she was left with great memories.