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Man holds judge down in her chambers before dousing her with gasoline and lighting her carpet on fire

By Mason White 4:47 AM April 4, 2016
Alfredo Jose dos Santos with the judge 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested after he was seen on video torturing a judge.

The man of Brazil, wanted the judge to declare him a “non-violent” man.

36-year-old Alfredo Jose dos Santos busted into the judge’s chambers and took her hostage in a Sao Paulo courtroom.

Police released a graphic video of the incident, which shows Santos standing above Judge Tatiane Moreira Lima, who was lying on the floor.

Santos took the judge hostage and threatened to set her on fire after pouring gasoline on her. The videos show the carpet beneath the judge black and burned.

Police said that judge Lima convicted Santos in 2013 of domestic violence, and in retaliation, he broke into her office and took her captive.

For 20 minutes, Santos held the judge down in the Court House. He demanded the judge to declare him as a “non-violent” man.

He then forced to judge to tell his daughter in a video message that he is a good person.

The father first told his daughter: “Diane, your father loves you and I will show you the truth, I am not a scoundrel. Your father is innocent.”

He then turned the camera to the judge and asked: “Am I guilty of a crime?” The judge was seen crying while repeatedly saying: “Your father is innocent.”