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Pedophile faints and collapses after being caught trying to meet 14-year-old girl

By Mason White 5:53 PM April 5, 2016
David Hanson 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A pedophile in the United Kingdom, who was about to meet a young girl for sex, was caught on video fainting and collapsing after being caught by a team of people looking to expose child predators, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Dark Justice, an organization that is based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The incident unfolded after 24-year-old Scott and 21-year-old Callum posed as 14-year-old Amanda in an online chat room.

They found 45-year-old David Hanson, who started a conversation. Hanson talked to the girl about sex and asked for her number.

The two agreed to meet, but instead of finding Amanda, Hanson found Scott and Callum armed with a camera. Hanson became confused and was at a loss for words.

He was so overwhelmed by the situation that he fainted and fell to his knees. Dark Justice has revealed that Hanson and Amanda have exchanged more than 750 messages.

Following the incident, Dark Justice called the police and handed over the evidence. Hanson pleaded guilty to grooming and has been sentenced to serve eight months in prison.

Since 2014, Dark Justice managed to catch 46 pedophiles. 19 have been convicted of grooming. Of the 19 convictions, 12 have gone to prison and seven were given suspended sentences.