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Prankster takes Internet by storm after pretending to leave girlfriend for another woman

By Mason White 3:08 PM April 5, 2016
Jenny Davies and Brad Holmes 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman of the United Kingdom, was left crying and broken hearted when her boyfriend pretended to leave her for another woman.

The video of the prank went viral and thousands of people left their opinions whether the prankster took things too far by pretending to break up with her.

22-year-old Jenny Davies found that her boyfriend had packed up all of his belongings.

When she questioned him as to what he was doing, Brad Holmes, 24, of Southampton, told her that he met another woman and he was going to his mother because he needed time to sort things out.

A devastated Davies, sat down on her bed and began crying. She told Holmes that she thought she was making him happy. She also asked when he spoke to the other woman as “you are always with me.”

Holmes then tried to comfort his girlfriend before telling her that it was a prank. Davies reacted by slamming his head into the floor.

While many people called it the cruelest prank, others who are fans of Holmes, said that the couple is known for pranking each other.

In one instance, Holmes pretended to be proposing to Davies before asking her for a cup of tea instead. She got him back by pretending to be pregnant. Holmes was very excited to be a new father before being told that it was a prank.