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Judge arrested for assaulting another judge at work

By Mason White 10:13 AM April 6, 2016

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A judge is on the wrong side of the law after assaulting another judge.

According to people close to the case, there has been bad blood between the two Administrative Law judges of Columbia, Washington.

Recently, things got out of hand and one female judge assaulted another on the fourth floor of the D.C. Court of Appeals building, where they work.

Judge Joan Davenport, 63, turned herself in to police after an arrest warrant was issued against her. She has been charged with assault.

Davenport is accused of attacking Judge Sharon Elaine Goodie, 52. She allegedly admitted to police that she tried to get her hands around Goodie’s neck.

However, when Goodie moved away, Davenport pushed her and Goodie fell.

Davenport was not banned from going back to work, but the judge told Davenport that there should be “no assaultive, threatening, abusive, harassing or stalking behavior towards Goodie.”

The two women reportedly worked together for over 10 years. About six weeks ago, Goodie became Davenport’s supervisor.