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Man forces stepdaughter to take drugs so he can rape her

By Mason White 9:54 AM April 6, 2016
Khongsak Jitchamruang being questioned by police 

By: Feng Qian
A mother in Thailand, called police after learning that her husband had sex with her daughter.

The girl was at her home in Ratchaburi, with her stepfather and his family member while her mother was at work.

46-year-old Khongsak Jitchamruang allegedly took advantage of his time alone with the girl, and forced her to take drugs and pills.

When the woman learned that her husband was raping her daughter, she called police to her home. Officers found 20 speed pills in a bowl of rice that Jitchamruang was using.

Jitchamruang told the officers that he was about to have a meal.

“The arrest of Jitchamruang came after a complaint filed by his 42-year-old wife. She said that he raped her daughter and forced the girl to take speed pills,” said Ronnapop Wiangsimma, chief of Chom Bung district.

The mother told police that she learned about the abuse after realizing that her daughter was depressed and she asked her what the problem was.

She learned that her husband had raped her daughter several times, and forced her to take illegal drugs.

The woman left her husband and took her daughter with her. Jitchamruang was trying to find them and he sent text messages threatening her and her daughter, according to police.

Fearing for the safety of her daughter, the woman decided to go to the police. Jitchamruang was charged with rape and drug possession.

The stepdaughter was taken to a hospital for a physical examination for evidence of rape.