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Man gets modeling job after posing for his wife in sexy underwear and posting photos on Facebook

By Mason White 2:24 AM April 7, 2016
Brendon Williams 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A average-looking man in Canada, got an offer for a modeling job after uploading photos on Facebook, showing him dressed in sexy underwear for his wife.

It all began when 29-year-old Brendon Williams of Langford, played a joke for his wife on her birthday.

He dressed in sexy underwear and took photos of himself relaxing on a bed, sitting in a bubble bath and looking into the distance at a window.

His wife Amanda, loved the gift, and published the photos on Facebook. Williams weighs about 220 pounds and is six feet two inches tall.

Williams cannot believe the adventure he has experienced since the photos were posted on Facebook and shared by thousands of people.

As a result of his Internet fame, Williams landed a starring role in an advertising campaign with American Eagle. His popularity has also been a big boost of confidence for the father.

American Eagle advertised their Aerie comfortable underwear line for men and women.