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Passenger changes his clothes numerous times and chases flight attendant who refused to serve him crackers and cheese

By Mason White 3:10 PM April 7, 2016
Jeremiah Mathis Thede 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on a charge of endangering an aircraft after allegedly acting in a threatening manner and running after a flight attendant who refused to serve him, police in Ireland said.

Belfast police said that they have arrested 42-year-old Jeremiah Mathis Thede, after being accused of causing the United Airlines Boeing 777 from Rome, Italy, to Chicago, Illinois, to make an emergency landing at the Belfast International Airport.

According to the police investigation, Thede became agitated and demanded to know the name of the flight attendant who refused to give him, crackers and cheese.

Sheila Wire, who was the flight attendant in charge of the suspect, said that Thede threatened fellow passengers and placed discarded food on the floor.

The captain of the plane that was carrying 264 passengers decided to land at the Belfast International Airport after concerns about the Thede’s behavior.

Four passengers were prepared to subdue Thede if he gets out of control. After the plane landed, police removed him from the flight.

The Antrim Crown Court was told that Thede first had an encounter with Lisa Hall, who was in the back of the plane when the suspect wanted crackers and cheese.

Thede chased after her with a pen and demanded to know her name. Thede then kept standing up from his seat and walking around despite the fact that the seat belt light was turned on.

He also changed his clothes numerous times, causing passengers to get scared. The aircraft had to dump thousands of gallons of fuel before making the unscheduled stop.

Passengers of Flight 971, were forced to wait nearly 24 hours before the plane could take off again.