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55-year-old man rushed to hospital for surgery after having sex with vegetable on farm

By Mason White 3:39 AM April 8, 2016

By: Mahesh Sarin
A middle aged man was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries after having sex with a vegetable, doctors in Costa Rica said.

Surgeons at the Hospital San Juan de Dios in San Juan, said that they have removed a cassava from the 55-year-old man who inserted it into his behind.

The cassava was shaped like a sex toy and was about 18 inches long. The man is said to be in stable condition. According to the man, he wrapped the vegetable with condoms and inserted it into his behind.

However, a piece of the vegetable broke off and remained inside the man. The surgery lasted over an hour, and that included reconstructive procedures to the patient’s intestines.

Cassava is similar to a potato.