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Young man suffers from male period every time his girlfriend gets her period

By Mason White 3:36 AM April 8, 2016
George Fellowes and Amber-May Ellis 

By: Feng Qian
A young man of the United Kingdom, has revealed that he suffers stomach cramps every time his lover gets her period.

22-year-old George Fellowes of Reading, said that he so in love with his girlfriend, 21-year-old Amber-May Ellis, that he suffers a male period every time she gets her period.

Fellowes went to a doctor after suffering from stomach cramps and mood swings once a month.

The doctor told the college student of the University of Reading, that he suffers from psychological issue connected to his girlfriend.

Fellowes revealed that he sometimes gets really sick and needs to take time off. The doctor believes that it is a psychological thing because he is very close to his girlfriend and they feel the same emotions.

During the last three years, Fellowes got his male period like clockwork every month. He suffers similar symptoms as women during their periods, but the only exception is that Fellowes does not bleed.

The male period causes pain in the lower abdomen and groin area. He gets very cranky, very erratic and angry with most of his friends.

The doctor advised him to take pain reliever.