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Woman hires hit man to murder her mother who asked a court for custody of her grandchildren

By Mason White 1:36 PM April 8, 2016
Holly Ramos 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after hiring a hit man to kill her mother who petitioned a court for custody of her grandchildren, police in California said.

Now, 43-year-old Holly Ramos of Los Angeles, has been sentenced to serve at least 31 years in prison after being convicted of two counts of forgery and one count each of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, first-degree robbery, second-degree commercial burglary and grand theft of labor.

Her husband and co-defendant, Frank Haverly, was found guilty of three felony counts, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and first-degree robbery.

He was sentenced to serve at least 31 years in prison. The third defendant, Keith Phillips, was convicted of first degree robbery and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

According to the police investigation, Ramos stole money from her mother.

Eventually, the mother discovered that Ramos was forging checks from her savings account, taking approximately $40,000 in over a month.

Additionally, the mother petitioned for custody of Ramos’ children subsequent to her arrest on drug possession and child endangerment charges.

Haverly and Ramos engaged in multiple conversations alluding to their plans to remove the victim from their lives. Haverly and Ramos then hired Phillips to kill Ramos’ mother.

Phillips armed himself with a bat concealed in a briefcase, and gloves, and went to the victim’s home under the guise of being a social worker from the Monterey County Child Protective Services to do a home inspection.

He gave his real name and provided personal family information that only Ramos and Haverly knew.

During the tour of the victim’s home and when her back was turned, Phillips struck the victim on her head twice, exposing her skull and causing excessive bleeding.

In the course of fleeing the home, Phillips stole the victim’s purse and the fraud report she made against her daughter.