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20-year-old woman tries to commit suicide after 69-year-old lover breaks up with her

By Mason White 9:43 AM April 10, 2016
Xiao Yun 

By: Wayne Morin
A 20-year-old woman in China, told police that she became very depressed when her much older boyfriend left her.

A witness rescued the young woman who was sitting near the Han River in Xiangyang, as she was getting ready to throw herself into the water.

The emotionally distressed woman was taken to a nearby police station, where she told police that she no longer wants to live because she was dumped by her much older lover.

The woman, who identified herself as Xiao Yun, told police that she meet the man, who she thought was 50 years old, at a supermarket, where he worked.

However, the man decided to break up with her, and he did not give her a reason for his decision. Yun tried to contact him many times, but he ignored her.

Police tracked down the man, who they discovered is 69 years old. The man told police that he never really liked Yun, who according to him was just after his money.

However, he did agree to meet her one last time at the police station.