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Man buckles cases of beer in car seats and leaves children on floor of vehicle

By Mason White 9:46 AM April 10, 2016
The beer 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was pulled over by police in Australia, who spotted him driving with children who were not in car seats.

Police soon realized that he the man had fastened cartons of beer into car seats while some children were left on the floor of the vehicle.

Broome police pulled over the 27-year-old man who did not have a license. Police said that he had several children on the floor while others, including a baby less than a year old, were held in the arms while cases of beer were secured into the car seats.

The Kimberley District – WA Police posted a photo on Facebook, showing the cases of beer fastened with the seat belt.

Kimberley District Superintendent Allan Adam said that he was not surprised by the incident.

“We do have problems up here in Kimberley. It shows some of the attitudes of some of our drivers in the way they see their priorities,” he said.

The man was ticketed for things including 2 liquor offenses, misuse of drugs offenses, no authority to drive, no seat belt offenses and speeding.