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Clever bank robbers wrap themselves in aluminum foil to avoid alarms

By Mason White 10:27 AM April 11, 2016
The thief covered in aluminum foil 

By: Chan Yuan
Bank robbers got away without being caught after covering themselves in aluminum foil, police in Brazil said.

Police are searching for two bank robbers who were wrapped in aluminum foil in a bizarre but clever attempt to avoid the alarm system.

They men covered themselves with foil from head to toe. Their ploy worked, and the security alarms did not go off as the burglars entered the bank.

However, the company had surveillance videos at their headquarters that monitored the activity in the bank.

The bank’s security team detected motion in the branch, which is located in Santa Catarina.

Armed police officers were dispatched to the location. An accomplice who is believed to have been acting as a lookout, was arrested, but the two men whose faces were hidden under the aluminum foil, escaped, but they did not manage to steal any money.

The police released photos of the men who crawled on the floor of the bank, hoping that someone will recognize them. However, they admit that it would not be easy to recognize them since they were covered with foil.

The pair left several objects at the scene during their rush to get away, including torches that they planned to use to force the safe open.

Police were unable to locate the aluminum foil. The men fled the scene in a white sports car.