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Man kills his young children by forcing them to drink poison after fight with his wife

By Mason White 5:08 PM April 12, 2016
Young children (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A father killed his young children by forcing them drink poison before committing suicide after his wife ran out of the home and did not return, police in Zimbabwe said.

Macheke police said that 40-year-old Tendai Tambanda, and his two children, Elton, 7, and Stallion, 12, were all pronounced dead at the Marondera Hospital.

According to the police investigation, the trouble started when Tambanda had an argument with his wife. After the fight, Tambanda’s wife stormed out of the home, and did not return.

She did not let anyone know where she was heading. After a few days, Tambanda became extremely depressed and decided to kill himself and his children.

Tambanda forced their children to drink a poisonous substance before drinking some himself. After the heinous act, Tambanda went home to his brother and told him what he had done.

The brother quickly took Tambanda and his children to the Marondera Hospital, but they all died of poisoning.