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Restaurant fires robot waitresses after spilling drinks and bumping into customers

By Mason White 3:35 AM April 13, 2016
Robot waitress 

By: Feng Qian
A restaurant in China, that became popular after they decided to use robot waitresses, fired all their machines because they had problems handling drinks and navigating among customers.

The Heweilai Restaurant in Guangzhou, first installed the robot waitresses in order to improve the customers’ experience.

However, the robots were not able to hold drinks steady, causing them to spill before reaching the customers.

The robots were only able to navigate the pre-programmed route, and if customers were in their way, the robots just walked right into them.

Another reason for hiring the robots was that they wouldn’t get tired working long hours, but after being installed, they often malfunctioned and had to be taken out for repairs.

Zhang Yun, who is the vice president of the Guangdong University of Technology, said that once the robots are programmed to handle drinks, they will probably be reinstalled in restaurants.