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Woman squeezes herself into oven to hide from police officers who wanted to arrest her

By Mason White 4:59 PM April 12, 2016
Gabrielle Looper and the oven 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman tried to evade arrest on an outstanding warrant by squeezing herself into an oven and shutting the door behind her, police in Iowa said.

Guthrie Center police said that officers managed to locate 25-year-old Gabrielle Looper, and arrest her on a charge of probation violation.

Sheriff’s Deputy Kent Gries said that when deputies raided her home, they found the suspect inside the oven with door shut.

Miraculously, she managed to squeeze herself into the oven, police said. Gries said it appears that the oven had been modified to accommodate a person.

The oven was not functioning and the power had been disconnected. The only purpose for the oven in the home was to hide people when the police arrived.

Deputies became suspicious when they noticed two ovens in the home so they opened both and looked inside. Looper is a new mother who had just given birth three weeks ago.

The baby is now with her grandmother.

During the arrest, a dog bit one of the deputies, but instead of using lethal force, an officer used a fire extinguisher to subdue the animal.

Another man, 32-year-old Joseph Crawford, was arrested for interference with official acts.

“On Thursday, the Guthrie County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at 809 Ashton Ave. Lot #2 in Guthrie Center. As a result of the search warrant, Gabrielle Looper was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant for probation violation.

“Deputies located Looper hiding inside of her oven. She was taken into custody without incident. Joseph Crawford was also arrested for interference with official acts.

“Both were transported to the Guthrie County Jail,” police wrote on Facebook.