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Man sues city for $350,000 after tree fell onto his car

By Mason White 6:05 PM April 13, 2016
Leaves on car (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man filed a lawsuit against a city, claiming that it should have done something to prevent a tree from falling onto his car, according to court documents in Japan.

The man of Nara, filed the lawsuit against the city of Toyama, after the fallen tree destroyed his Toyota 2000GT and injured his friend who drove the car.

The man is seeking 39 million yen ($350,000), 35 million yen ($320,000) for the cost of the car and 4 million yen ($36,500) to pay the medical bills of his friend.

According to the lawsuit, the tree fell and hit the classic car along Route 156. The owner of the car bought it three months before the incident.

The Toyota 2000GT is a rare sports car that was sold in the country in 1960.

The owner of the car told the court that the city could have predicted the chances of the tree falling down and it should have taken preventive measures.