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Girls call on Facebook to shut down page that rates female college students according to their attractiveness

By Mason White 2:51 AM April 14, 2016
Hotties of Melbourne University Facebook page 

By: Tanya Malhotra
College students in Australia, have called on Facebook to shut down a page that rates female college students based solely on their attractiveness.

Hotties of Melbourne University uploads photos of young women sent in anonymously by students.

Under each photo, students are allowed to comment on the appearance of the girls, and most are very cruel.

Girls at the university believe that their safety is jeopardized by the rape culture perpetuated by the Facebook page.

The Hotties of Melbourne University has more than 15,000 followers.

The administrator of the page urged those submitting photos to give a little backstory to the person being introduced to keep things interesting.

Melbourne University has asked Facebook to remove the page, and said that it is strongly committed to ensure a safe, inclusive and respectful environment.

The students launched a petition to have the page shut down, claiming that the Hotties of Melbourne University Facebook page perpetuates rape culture by normalizing predatory behavior towards women as demonstrated in comments such as: “shoot me with tranquilizer right now before I go out to hunt!” And “This bloke doesn’t take no for an answer.”

The petition also states that the page posts photographs of people for the purposes of evaluating their desirability without their permission.

The continued presence of the page allows the rape culture to trickle into the lives of the students of The University of Melbourne, the author of the petition stated.