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Hot-looking woman poses in husband’s firefighters uniform while breastfeeding her baby

By Mason White 9:31 AM April 13, 2016
The woman breastfeeding baby 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A firefighter is being investigated after photos of his hot-looking wife went viral.

The unidentified firefighter of New Mexico, is facing backlash after his bosses saw the photo of his wife breastfeeding their son while wearing his uniform.

The Las Cruces Fire Department said the man could face disciplinary action for allowing his wife to use his uniform.

Photographer Tara Ruby, who took the photo, said that the city and fire department are portraying themselves in an anti-breastfeeding light.

However, a city spokesperson said that the investigation is not related to the fact that his wife was seen breastfeeding in the photo.

Ruby said that the firefighter’s wife wanted to send a positive message about breastfeeding.

“The message is that you can be a full-time breastfeeding mother and work a full-time job, and do both really well,” Ruby said.

She also said that the firefighter’s wife was “standing as a model for all the mothers who actually work as firefighters and are breastfeeding.”