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Teacher dances and flashes her bra at students during class

By Mason White 9:37 AM April 13, 2016
The teacher 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Students were very happy when their teacher did a striptease in front of the class.

A student in Italy, took video of his teacher dancing and lifting her shirt during class.

The video shows the blond teacher dancing and playfully jumping up and down to music before lifting her top and flash her bra.

Parents of the school in Prato, are outraged by the teacher’s behavior, and are asking the school board to fire the teacher.

The video was taken with a student’s phone. The students were heard laughing and enjoying the show. The video was uploaded to social media, where it was shared hundreds of times.

The school’s principal, Maria Grazia Tempesti, said that she was “shocked” by the video. She added that the school will take disciplinary action in the case.