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29 soldiers of Germany join ISIS in Syria

By Mason White 2:20 AM April 15, 2016
ISIS fighters (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Officials in Germany, said that they have identified at least 29 soldiers who have traveled to Syria in order to fight along ISIS.

In addition to the 29 soldiers who are fighting alongside the terrorist group, 65 soldiers are under investigation on suspicion of having ties with terrorists.

Of the 29 soldiers, 17 have already been dismissed while five have resigned from the army before being detected. Officials also revealed that around 750 citizens have traveled to Syria to help ISIS.

Officials are asking politicians to pass a new law that will allow stricter background checks for all soldiers in order to prevent those with terrorist tendencies from joining the army.

Investigators with the army said that soldiers have been fighting for ISIS as early as 2007. Since 2007, the army has investigated 320 soldiers for ties to terrorism.