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Octopus escapes from aquarium and squeezes through narrow pipes to get back to the ocean

By Mason White 5:49 PM April 14, 2016
Inky the octopus 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) An octopus that has spent a long time at an aquarium in New Zealand, made a daring escape back to the ocean.

After making the bold escape from the Napier’s National Aquarium, Inky the octopus became a global superstar.

Inky, a common New Zealand octopus, has become one of the world’s most famous animals since Tuesday’s successful escape.

The Napier City Council and Aquarium Manager Rob Yarrall has been fielding inquiries from all over the world ever since.

It is believed that Inky, which is about the size of a rugby ball, climbed out of its tank late at night, found a drain, squeezed itself through a narrow pipe and returned to the sea.

Napier City Council Communications Manager Robyn McLean said that the council had five staff working full time on responding to requests for more information about Inky’s daring escape.

Staff first noticed Inky had made its escape when they arrived at work in the morning. The lid on the top of its tank had been left slightly open, and Inky had made the most of the opportunity.

There was a wet streak across the floor in the direction of a drain pipe, which went out to the Pacific Ocean.

Inky has shortened limbs due to fighting with fish on Pania reef, so it is possible someone out there may see it again because it is quite distinctive.

Octopuses are known escape artists, but Inky really tested the waters here. Because octopuses have no bones, they are able to fit into extremely small spaces.

They are very intelligent and capable of using tools. So far, Inky has not been seen.