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Priest still dressed in robe beats man in road rage incident

By Mason White 9:22 AM April 14, 2016
Father Theodosius and Dimitri with the victim 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A priest was left red-faced after videos emerged, showing him beating up another driver.

This incredible cellphone video shows the moment a priest beats up a businessman while he was still wearing the robe.

The Orthodox priest of Russia, was seen beating the man with an accomplice. Father Theodosius of Novosibirsk, was seen punching the victim on the back of the head while holding him over a gate.

Father Theodosius said that the incident began as he was a passenger in a car that broke down. The priest was traveling in a Toyota with his brother Dimitri, when the engine stalled.

Businessman Vadim Maltsev honked his horn as he wanted to pass and the car was blocking the road. He then got out of his car to speak to the priest and his brother.

However, the two grabbed Maltsev. They pushed him against the fence, where they punched and slapped him while cursing at him.

After the video went viral, Father Theodosius said that he regrets what happened, but he defended his actions by saying that the businessman threatened them after they were unable to move their vehicle because it had broken down.

He said he now wants to make peace with Maltsev, and was sorry for the violence.