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Woman sues husband for not satisfying her sexually and leaving her ‘technically a virgin’

By Mason White 4:24 PM April 14, 2016
Couple in bed (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A woman filed a lawsuit against her estranged husband for not satisfying her in bed.

The woman of Italy, claimed that her husband was unable to perform in bed and therefore, left her frustrated.

The lawsuit dragged on for 11 years. The 50-year-old woman did not give up the legal battle with her husband and she demanded money for “moral damages” because he was unable to fulfill her sexual needs.

The woman, known only as Anna of Civitanova, took her husband to court and demanded that he pay her £40,000 ($56,000) for the distress he caused her by his inability to perform in bed.

Anna claimed that her 50-year-old husband never once satisfied her sexually. She presented the court with a certificate from her doctor, which certified her as “technically a virgin.”

The man admitted that he had an anatomical problem, but he said that it had been repaired before his marriage to Anna.

The husband said he would routinely try to initiate sex, but his wife rejected his advances.

Although the husband’s lawyers were unable to prove that his wife was the one who caused the couple not to be sexually active, they defended their client by saying that he has two children with his current partner and that proves that he has no medical issue that prevents him from being sexually active.

Magistrates Marco Vannini and Barbara Asuni dismissed the lawsuit and ordered Anna to pay her husband’s legal fees of £4,000 ($5,600).