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Designer shows off new pizza box that can be turned into marijuana pipe

By Mason White 3:55 AM April 18, 2016
Pizza box that turns into marijuana pipe 

By: Wayne Morin
Pizza stores across the United States, will soon be able to deliver pizza pies in special boxes, which can be turned into marijuana pipes.

Nikolas Gregory of New York, came up with the idea to transform the pizza box into a marijuana pipe while eating a slice of delicious pizza.

Gregory wrote an app that allows users to order a pizza delivered in a box that has a piece to fold into a pipe for smoking marijuana.

The cardboard forms the sides of the pipe, and a piece of ceramic in the middle converts into the container.

Gregory said that thanks to his new pizza box, consumers get to eat before smoking, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Gregory promises that the box will come with the pizza at no extra cost. The box is made of 100 percent recyclable material.

The marijuana pipe should last a long time.