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Retailer starts selling sexy Pokemon underwear for girls and women

By Mason White 3:54 AM April 18, 2016
Yummy Mart Pokemon lingerie 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A clothing retailer based in Japan, has teamed up with Pokemon, and put up for sale sexy underwear for girls and women to celebrate the character’s 20th year anniversary.

Yummy Mart has partnered with The Pokemon Company to launch their exclusive Pikachu clothing collection.

Among the items that were put up for sale, are pajamas, ponchos and underwear, all with the iconic yellow color and Pikachu face.

Yummy Mart is also running an Instagram contest, which will see consumers using the hashtag #YM_PIKACHU to upload photos of themselves wearing the new items in order to win special prizes.

At first, the items will only be for sale in Japan. If the line proves successful, it may be expanded to the United States.