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Teacher had sex with student before her wedding while her fiance partied at his bachelor party

By Mason White 3:31 PM April 17, 2016
Sara Domres 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested for having sex with her student on the same night that her fiance had his bachelor party.

The Wisconsin high school teacher was charged with two counts of sexual assault and she was fired from her job after allegedly having sex with her student.

Police learned that 28-year-old Sara Domres of Waukesha, and her 16-year-old student were in a relationship for more than a year, and they exchanged more than 1,000 text messages during that time.

Although police only charged Domres with two counts, the boy allegedly told police that they had sex more than 10 times. The teacher allegedly passed notes to the student during class, discussing their plans for the night.

Police reviewed text messages between the two and learned that the teacher had sex with the boy at a Motel 6, while her fiance was partying at his own bachelor party.

She also allegedly sent the teenager photos of herself with explicit messages while she and her husband were on honeymoon.

One message read: “Hopefully you’ve been thinking of me Baby Boo. I should go because he will be home soon. I love you. Be good, think of me and no one else! Ha ha,” according to police.

The affair came to light when the boy’s friends confronted him about his relationship with the teacher. The students then reported it to police. After an investigation, the teacher was arrested.