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United Airlines tells 15-year-old girl that she was wearing very short shorts after being sexually assaulted by old man

By Mason White 3:56 AM April 19, 2016
Chelsea Schiffel 

By: Chan Yuan
A teen and her mother are angry after United Airlines sent them a letter, saying that the girl was wearing very short shorts during a sexual assault on a flight from Los Angeles, California, to Sydney, Australia.

15-year-old Chelsea Schiffel and her 42-year-old mother Narelle, were flying home when an old man sitting next to them sexually assaulted the girl.

Chelsea complained that the sexual assault allegedly occurred when her mother got up to talk to another family member in the back of the plane.

The old man sitting next to her offered his shoulder so she can sleep on him. Shortly afterwards, the man allegedly touched her chest twice.

Narelle told flight attendants what happened and asked to switch seats, but they refused to accommodate her. For the rest of the flight, the mother sat between the old man and her daughter to prevent another attack.

United Airlines sent the mother a letter, saying that the company was not responsible for the assault because Chelsea moved several times in and out of her seat, crawling on the old man several times as he was trying sleep.

The company also pointed out that the girl was wearing extremely short shorts. Chelsea is extremely angry, saying that she feels like United Airlines is blaming her shorts for the sexual assault.

Chelsea filed a complaint with the police, but they refused to file charges due to lack of evidence.