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Artist and cake maker spend 300 hours to build life size edible wedding gown

By Mason White 5:41 PM April 19, 2016
The Weddible Dress 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) An artist, a cake maker and a bakery owner produced a great looking wedding gown that is completely edible, and they have put it on display in the United Kingdom.

Artist Ilnka Rnic, 17, cake sculptor Sylvia Elba, 38, and founder of Fun N Funky Cakes Yvette Marner, 43, spent 300 hours to create the Weddible Dress, which was put on display at the at Cake International London.

The white wedding gown stands about six feet tall, and it weighs around 175 pounds. The cake was built with 80 pounds of fondant, 7 pounds of cake lace and some 2,000 sheets of wafer paper.

All decorations were glued onto the dress with about 10 bottles of edible decoration liquid.

At first glance, it seems like a real wedding gown, but the team warned that the cake cannot be worn by a bride and is just for decoration.

The Weddible Dress is believed to be the first ever edible wedding dress.