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Man arrested for failing to help drowning teenager

By Mason White 9:29 AM April 19, 2016
Lake (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Prosecutors in Austria, announced that they have filed charges against a man who did not rescue a drowning teenager.

The teenager died after she jumped into a lake naked for a midnight swim.

The man who accompanied the girl, is being charged by the police after he did not call for help and instead, tried to cover up the incident.

The tragedy happened along at the Traunsee Lake in Gmunden, where 19-year-old Johanna P. was out with her 21-year-old friend.

The two had allegedly been drinking together before they went out for a walk on a small wooden pier, where Johanna decided to jump into the lake for a swim.

When she did not resurface, her friend panicked. He allegedly grabbed his clothes, the woman’s cellphone and other valuables, and ran away from the scene without calling for help.

Police allege that when he got home, the man destroyed the woman’s phone and tried to pretend that nothing had happened.

Prosecutor Christian Hubmer said that man is facing charges for failing to provide assistance, damaging property and trying to cover things up.

“He did not even call emergency services, and when he finally owned up, he said that the two had been drinking heavily. He apparently panicked because he believed that it was partly his fault that the teen had decided to go for a swim and he had not stopped her,” Hubmer said.