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Kanye West sued for tricking fans by saying his new CD will only be on Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service

By Mason White 6:04 PM April 19, 2016
Kanye West 

By: Feng Qian
People are mad after being tricked by Kanye West into signing up for Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service.

West went on social media, where he announced to his loyal fans that his latest CD will only be available through his friend Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service.

The rapper said on Twitter: “My album will never, never, never be on Apple, and it will never be for sale. You can only get it on Tidal.”

Many fans signed up for the service just so they can hear his new music. However, after they were locked into the contract,
The Life Of Pablo soon became available on Spotify, Google Play, and even on his own personal website.

Justin Baker-Rhett, who filed the class action lawsuit, claims that the announcement by West caused subscriptions at Tidal to skyrocket.

The sudden spike in subscribers allegedly brought Tidal in an addition $84 million, saving the company from shutting down.

Along with West, the lawsuit also names Jay Z’s company Carter Enterprises, and Tidal.

The plaintiff alleges that about two million fans bought subscriptions based on the tweet.