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Midwife loses license after telling women in labor they should have sex to reduce their pain

By Mason White 3:56 AM April 20, 2016
Pregnant woman (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A midwife lost his job after being accused of telling women in labor that they should have sex to reduce their pain, according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of the United Kingdom.

48-year-old Ronald Lock of Weston-super-Mare, gave one woman a drug and told her she will feel like she is being f***ed while he was treating her in the Southmead hospital in Bristol.

Lock pleaded guilty to all charges against him, and he banned from practicing in the country.

According to the investigation, Lock told pregnant women that sex would help them to absorb protein and lower their blood pressure.

In another incident, Lock told staff members at a hospital that his wife had just had an operation in another hospital so he could take some time off.

His wife never had surgery. Lock was also accused of failing to keep babies warm and not checking on new mothers during his entire shift.

The offenses occurred over a period of three years.