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Rich man uses Plenty of Fish dating website to meet and rape women

By Mason White 3:55 AM April 20, 2016
Kat Berry 

By: Wayne Morin
A rich man was arrested on a charge of rape after using the Plenty of Fish dating website to meet and rape woman, police in Australia said.

31-year-old Kat Berry of Victoria, said that she went out with the man, who was not identified, after he asked her out on a date.

They went out to eat and drink before they both went to her place for the night. After watching videos together and drinking alcoholic beverages, things turned into a nightmare, according to Berry.

The man grabbed Berry, held her down and raped her. She suffered severe bruising to her neck breasts and private parts.

Berry filed a complaint with the police, but it took several months to track him down.

Berry said that she was told that the man had raped several women after meeting them through the Plenty of Fish dating website.

After a lengthy trial, the man was found not guilty.

Berry uploaded pictures of her bruised body on Facebook, in order to warn women to be careful when they go out with men they met on the Internet.