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Women get $11 million for being kicked off from train for laughing out loud

By Mason White 3:48 PM April 20, 2016
Train (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A group of women won a lawsuit after saying that they were thrown off a train because of their race and for laughing too loud.

The group of 10 black women and one white woman filed a complaint of racial discrimination against a train company after they were ordered to get off the train.

The eleven women demanded money after being removed from the train during a trip to a winery in California. The company agreed to pay a total of $11 million, with each woman receiving $1 million.

Before the lawsuit was filed, Anthony Giaccio, chief executive of the company, issued a public apology to the women. He also said that he will offer diversity training to staff.

One witness, only known as Danielle from Seattle, Washington, went on Yelp to write her opinion of the incident. She wrote: “I watched in disbelief as staff members harassed a group of people who were merely drinking wine and laughing.

“I would like to think it wasn’t a racially motivated act, but given the fact that other non-black guests were behaving in the same way and were not removed, I can only conclude that it was discrimination.”

The train offers fine dining services to passengers as it drives through scenic vineyards.