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Grandmother beats 78-year-old husband with hammer after catching him watching pornography

By Mason White 1:01 PM April 21, 2016
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By: Feng Qian
A grandmother was arrested on a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm after beating her husband with a hammer because she caught him watching pornography, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 70-year-old Lynda Holmes of Lancashire, has been sentenced to serve 10 months in jail, which was suspended for 18 months, after pleading guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm in connection with the assault of 78-year-old Gordon Holmes.

According to the police investigation, Lynda assaulted her husband of 50 years with a hammer after catching him watching pornography.

Lynda used the hammer to beat Gordon in the head. The attack left Gordon was bleeding heavily. He ran into the street bleeding and told his neighbors that his wife had gone crazy.

When officers asked Lynda what happened, she said that she caught her husband with pornography. Lynda told officers that she got very mad and she wanted to kill her husband.

Lynda complained that her husband ruined 10 years of her life.

Gordon told police that he was responsible for his wife’s attack because of his selfishness.