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Student brutally beat their teacher who tried to choke classmate

By Mason White 9:53 AM April 22, 2016
The teacher and students 

By: Chan Yuan
Students in China, beat up their teacher in class and uploaded the video of the incident to the Internet.

The Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Education are now investigating the incident that took place in Bozhou.

According to the video, which went viral, the student refused to hand in his test. The middle school teacher became irritated and tried to grab it from the student’s hand.

When he was unsuccessful, the teacher placed his hand on the student’s neck and began pushing the boy towards the wall. In an attempt to stop him, the boy slapped his teacher.

His classmates soon joined in and brutally beat the male teacher. When the students finally backed off, the teacher slapped the student who refused to hand in his test, across the face.

The students once again ganged up against the teacher, pushed him into a corner and beat him.

However, the teacher did not give up. He slapped the same student a second time and he got another beatdown. This time, students used objects to assault their teacher.

The teacher finally gave up, and was left with a red face and a torn shirt as a result of the beating from his students.