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EMT mows lawn of 87-year-old man who passed out while doing so

By Mason White 2:14 PM April 25, 2016
EMT Chris Spires mowing the law 

By: Tanya Malhotra
An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) was hailed as a hero for mowing the lawn of a patient he came to treat.

The elderly man of Lincoln, California, who likes to do exercise and be fit, was mowing his lawn when he passed out.

Neighbors saw that he needed help and called 911. His son Ken Densley wrote on Facebook, that his 87-year-old father refused to go to the hospital.

Densley said that he and his sister came to his father’s house as soon as we heard about the emergency.

“As we were talking inside the house, one of the EMTs put the gurney away and the other finished mowing the lawn. I told him that I would do that, but he insisted. He finished, and even put the mower away,” he wrote on Facebook.

Densely posted a photo to Facebook, showing EMT Chris Spires mowing the law.

Densely said that his father eventually went to the hospital, where he was kept overnight, and doctors ran a lot of tests before being discharged.

“He has also promised to let us mow the lawn from now on,” Densely wrote. “Also, for those who made the suggestion, he already has a great riding lawn mower, but got this one last year, so he could get more exercise,” Densely added.