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Woman pretends to have cancer to get free late term abortion

By Mason White 12:16 PM April 26, 2016
Chalice Zeitner 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman was found guilty of charges brought against her for faking cancer to have a free late term abortion.

Chalice Zeitner of Arizona, was 29 years old when she was in her second trimester of pregnancy, and decided that she did not want to have her baby.

She put together an elaborate scheme to have doctors terminate the pregnancy. Doctors in Phoenix, terminated her pregnancy in a hospital after she said that tumors were removed from her stomach and spine, police said.

However, during an investigation, the doctor who she listed as the one treating her, said that he had never met Zeitner.

She was arrested for defrauding the government. Deputies and FBI agents found Zeitner living in Georgia, under the assumed name Al Serkez.

Prosecutors said that Zeitner, used the state’s Medicaid system when she took advantage of a law that provides state coverage for abortions when the life of a mother is in danger.

Zeitner pleaded not guilty, and her lawyer argued that she really thought she was sick at the time. However, a jury found her guilty of all charges.

While she was in jail, Zeitner was indicted on more charges, which will be tried separately.

In that case, Zeitner is accused of defrauding the military veterans’ charities out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Prosecutors said she spent $25,000 using the credit card information of a charity founder and his family, and received more than $10,000 by pretending to organize a fundraising event.