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Man kills daughter-in-law because his son took her side during a fight

By Mason White 12:12 PM April 26, 2016
Char Chin Fah (center) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man killed his daughter-in-law because she and her children nagged him too much.

The elderly man of Singapore, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

82-year-old Char Chin Fah pleaded guilty to culpable homicide for repeatedly stabbing 54-year-old Ong Guat Leng, in her home in Tampines.

After a mental health evaluation, the Institute of Mental Health found that Fah was suffering from an “acute paranoid reaction,” which impaired his mental responsibility.

The court heard that Leng and her husband, who is Fah’s oldest son, allowed him to live in their home with their children.

However, he and his daughter-in-law had a difficult relationship.

According to court records, the elderly man used the bathroom without closing the door and he would leave his dirty clothes on the table.

Fah did not like it when Leng or her children nagged him about his behavior.

One the night of the incident, Fah had an argument with his daughter-in-law and he became very angry when his son took her side.

He took a knife and stabbed her, leaving puncture wounds in her heart and lungs.

Fah left the home and went to his daughter’s home. Family members then convinced him to surrender to police.