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Toilet seat scale lets you know how much weight you lost after using the bathroom

By Mason White 2:32 AM April 27, 2016
The toilet seat 

By: Mahesh Sarin

Using the bathroom definitely makes one feel lighter.

Have you ever wondered how much weight you lost after using the bathroom? Well now you can know.

Some people apparently feel so much lighter that they want to know how much weight they lost after relieving themselves.

Designer Haikun Deng came up with the idea of combining the toilet seat with a built-in digital scale. He said that he designed the toilet seat scale for women who are constantly monitoring their weight.

The toilet seat seemed to be a product that will make people feel good after every use. “The need to feel skinny is satisfied every time they finish using the bathroom,” Deng said.

The toilet seat scale weighs the person as soon as they sit down and then again when they are done, leading the person to see real weight loss results instantly.