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White woman sues sperm bank for negligence for giving her sperm of black man causing her to have a mixed race child

By Mason White 5:52 PM April 26, 2016
Jennifer Cramblett and Payton 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A white woman filed a lawsuit against a sperm bank after the birth of her daughter because she was born black, according to court documents.

Jennifer Cramblett of Uniontown, claims that Midwest Sperm Bank of Illinois, is guilty of negligence for sending her sperm of a black man despite the fact that she requested sperm from a white man.

As a result, she had a mixed race girl she named Payton.

Cramblett said that she had suffered from the mix up as not all her friends and family are racially sensitive. Cramblett herself had not seen a black man until she went to college.

When she complained to the sperm bank, they apologized and sent her a refund.

Cramblett told the court that she and her daughter will require long term counseling as she was not prepared to be a parent of a black child.

Cramblett accused the sperm bank of fraud, breach of contract and negligence.