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Rich man dies after monkey threw rock at his head while visiting zoo

By Mason White 3:39 PM April 27, 2016
Weng Mao 

By: Chan Yuan
A rich man who made his fortune through his candy company, was killed by a monkey while visiting a zoo, police in China said.

67-year-old Weng Mao of Henan, was at the Yuntai Mountain on Tuesday, when a monkey threw a rock at his head.

Mao was taken to the People’s Hospital in Xiuwu County, but he died of his injuries. Mao worked at the Guan Sheng Yuan Group, which makes the popular White Rabbit Candy.

Mao loved photography, and went to the area in order to take pictures.

In November, a gorilla became extremely angry at a man because he was recording it on video. The video shows the moment the huge gorilla threw a stone at the man who was holding the camera and recording it.

The 600 pounds animal hurled the stone at Stefan Nolan of Ireland, while he was visiting the Berlin Zoo in Germany. Fortunately, Stefan and his friends were able to duck out of the way of the stone.

No one was injured.