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Burger King employee steals $20,000 worth of food while working there for less than a month

By Mason White 8:29 AM April 28, 2016
William Simmons Sr. 

By: Chan Yuan
A Burger King employee was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of food.

54-year-old William Simmons Sr., of Florida, is accused of theft after $20,000 worth of food and more than $3,000 in cash disappeared from the restaurant.

Simmons Sr., of West Palm Beach, faces charges of theft and burglary. He was arrested on Monday.

Simmons began working at the restaurant on March 29. A manager told police that he began watching Simmons closely after $20,000 in food disappeared along with $3,191.10 in cash, according to the police report.

Surveillance video showed that Simmons would leave the back door unlocked at the restaurant located at 1210 N. Dixie Highway, and then sneak back inside without any alarm going off.

He was then seen going to the register and taking money before stealing food such as frozen sausage patties and biscuits from the freezer.

Simmons defended his actions by saying that every employee makes himself a sandwich to take home after work.

Simmons claimed that he only took $300 from the register. He said that he needed the money to pay for drugs, according to the police report.