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Married man kills his maid because she infected him with HIV

By Mason White 2:17 AM May 2, 2016
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A married man was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing his house maid because she did not tell him that she had HIV before they had sex, police in Zimbabwe said.

Harare police arrested 30-year-old Phelimon Chigwada, after being accused of shooting Chiedza Rambanepasi.

Chigwada also shot his wife, Memory Mahar, but she survived the attack. Chigwada has been charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder.

He was booked into jail, and he was denied bail. According to the police investigation, Chigwada has been having sex with the house maid behind his wife’s back.

After learning that he had HIV, he confronted the maid and accused her of infecting him with the virus. During the argument, Chigwada pulled his gun and shot the maid.

She died at the scene. Chigwada then shot his wife in the jaw.