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Man wins $43 million lawsuit after falling from roof while urinating

By Mason White 3:28 PM May 2, 2016
Alexander Tirpack 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A New York man was left with life altering injuries after falling from a rooftop.

31-year-old Tirpack Alexander of Brooklyn, was an entertainment writer when he worked as an intern at Rolling Stone Magazine.

He attended a company party, which was held on a luxury rooftop at 125 North 10th St. in Williamsburg.

About 4:30 a.m., Tirpack needed to use the restroom. When he asked the homeowner for permission to use the restroom, he was told that he could not enter the home because the wife of the host was already sleeping.

Instead, Tirpack said he was given an empty bottle of Gatorade, and was told to use it to relieve himself while on the roof.

The intern went to a private area of ​​the roof and climbed on a 42-inch high parapet wall. He did not realize that there was a gap between the roof and the next building.

He fell 70 feet and broke his spine, which caused him to be paralyzed.

He sued the building’s developer. A six-person jury awarded him nearly $43 million, $2.7 million for past damages and $41 million for future damages.

The building’s condo owners association was not held liable.

Although he will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Tirpack said the money will make his life a bit easier.

The condo owners association’s lawyer, Elias Schwartz, said that the injuries are “tragic, but there has to be some level of personal responsibility as he is an adult.”

The developer will appeal the verdict.