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Teenager lies on bench and pleasures herself in front of people

By Mason White 1:49 PM May 3, 2016
Park bench (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A teenager was arrested after she was seen pleasuring herself in public.

The 19-year-old woman of Falmouth, England, told police that she does not remember the innocent.

The teenager pleaded guilty in the Truro Magistrates Court, to
exposing herself, intending that someone should see, and causing alarm or distress as well as to criminal damage to a window costing £100 ($147) to repair.

Prosecutor Alison May said that the teenager was seen lying on the bench, being sexually active. She was heavily intoxicated at the time, and was removed by the police.

After her release from prison, the teenager went to her family’s home and broke a window while trying to get into the home to retrieve her dog.

Defense attorney Martin Pearce said that his client has a serious issue with alcohol and drugs. Her mother threw her out of their home and she is now homeless.

He said that the teenager broke a window in the family home because she believed that her dog was inside, and was not being cared for. She wanted to take the dog back.

The woman had previously been convicted of numerous offenses for which she spent 12 weeks in prison. She will be sentenced on a later date.