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9-year-old boy uses pencil to stab classmate in the eye after challenging victim to fight

By Mason White 3:14 AM May 5, 2016
Alexandro Baiamonte and his parents 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A young boy in Canada, is unable to see with his right eye after being stabbed with a pencil by a school bully.

10-year-old Alexandro Baiamonte of Pointe-aux-Trembles, was standing in the yard of the Ecole Francois-La-Bernarde school when the 9-year-old bully approached him with two pencils in his hand.

Baiamonte claims that the bully challenged him to a fight.

They began to fight, and at some point, Baiamonte was stabbed in the right eye.

Baiamonte’s mother, Filomena Follano, said that her son usually comes to her office on Friday, as she works across the street from the school.

The day of the incident, Baiamonte came to her office with a hand over his eye, and he was accompanied by another girl.

The boy told his mother that he might have something stuck in his eye.

Follano took her son to an eye doctor who ordered them to immediately go to the hospital, where Baiamonte had surgery to remove a piece of pencil from the inside of his right eye.

Doctors said that Baiamonte could have been blinded if the pencil had hit the retina. Baiamonte will have to wear a patch over his right eye, and will not know if it has completely healed for two months.

The parents of the boy blame the school for not doing enough to curb bullying. The school said that the boy who stabbed Baiamonte, was suspended.