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Divorced couple runs XCards together selling greeting cards for divorced couples to send one another

By Mason White 3:18 AM May 5, 2016
Ken and Wanda Bass 

By: Chan Yuan
A divorced couple of New Jersey, who wanted to send greeting cards to each other, couldn’t find anything in the story so they decided to launch XCards.

Ken and Wanda Bass were married and together for 15 years until they divorced, but despite their arguments, they knew they had to keep their peace for the sake of their children.

Part of the peace was sending greeting cards to each other in honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but when Ken went to the store, he couldn’t find any cards that were appropriate for divorced couples.

Ken and Wanda got together and have founded a brand of cards designed specifically for those who have gone through divorce.

With the divorce rate at over 50 percent, the two believe that they are filling a gap in the greeting card market. Included among its products are thank you cards with inscriptions that speak of gratitude for being a great parent.

There are also cards for sons and daughters-in-law who are looking to send something nice to the parents of their former partners.